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A list of sources and what we've bought there, at what price. Use this forum when the material is not specific to a particular device. Delvie's Plastics


Delvie's Plastics

Source for Cast Acrylic sheets, 1/16" thick to 2" thick. They also carry badge pins and clips. Delvie's Plastics is a full line distributor of Rowmark Engraving Materials.

U.S. Plastic
Good source of sheet plastic. They ship it rolled up in a tube. I cut the roll on the power shear at TechShop.
  • Sytrene
    0.030 40x72 $10 + $10 shipping
  • PET-G (Vivak)
    0.040 24x48 $18 + $10 shipping


Southern Lumber

San Jose, south First Street
Sadly, they are now closed. If we can find another good source of Baltic Birch Plywood, I'll remove this listing.

An excellent source of exotic woods as well as standard lumber. They will cut the material for you for a small charge.
  • 3mm 5x5 foot Baltic Birch plywood $18

Mayan Hardwoods

Paso Robles.