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This wiki is run by a benevolent dictator, me. I participate in a number of other information projects and I want to run this one to be less annoying and more valuable. As a result I have some rules in mind. I will try to articulate them here.

  1. Registered users only. Others can read all the docs but not post.
  2. User names must be your own or some form there of. If you are Jane Smith your user name can be jsmith or janesmith or jsmith19. You cannot be darkangel, sweetthing, forever21, madmaker, etc. Sorry. I find that civility comes with identification. We are not an underground group of rebels against the government and as a result we can all afford to use our real names.
  3. Be nice. Do not be a dick; I promise not to be a dick too. Please email me or post on my member page if I do something you don't like. I'm not afraid of feedback.
  4. Stay on topic. Do not revert, then re-revert, then revert again. This isn't a forum for discussing religion or politics. We are interested in well tested truths. When there is more than one good way to accomplish something, please consider organizing the page(s) to reflect both options and provide the pros and cons of each. There will be absolutely no fights on this wiki.

Violate these rules and I will have to restrict your access.

I reserve the right to edit pages for brevity and clarity and sometimes I will restructure a discussion topic to bring the most relevant information to the top. Actually, I hope that you will also do this! This is a wiki that we can all edit. Please join me in keeping things easy to use, relevant, and informative.

I hope you agree that these rules make this a great reference source for people who make things. If not, then this probably isn't the place for you.